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We have solar, security and decorative films for residential and commercial installations. Solar films cut glare and fading while reducing solar heat gain. Security films hold glass together, deterring break-ins and enhancing safety during severe weather. Use security films anywhere flying objects could impact your windows and doors. Our decorative films transform clear glass into attractive privacy glass. Your pattern choices are almost limitless and include frosted, crackle, rice paper, and stripes.
FAQ Window Film
Will your window film make my home dark?
Answer: No.
Our films are very porous and are designed to let in the natural light, while blocking the damaging effects of the sun.
Do your solar window films qualify for the new tax credits?
Answer: Yes.
Huper Optik and 3M are Energy Star Partners. Our solar window film helps reduce heat and glare, and fully qualifies for tax credits.
Is window film shiny?
Answer: No.
There are window films available that are virtually transparent and are less reflective than the glass they cover.
Does window film carry a warranty?
Answer: Yes.
Film warranties are extensive, and cover everything from cracking, hazing and peeling to delaminating from the glass.
Will window tinting void my window warranty?
Answer: Probably, but to continue your protection…
Huper Optik and 3M provide replacement warranties for seal failure and thermal stress.
3M Scotchshield
3M Scotchshield™ Security Films
•   Holds glass together upon impact
•   Deters smash-and-grab theft
•   Helps to secure personal and commercial property
In Touch Ministries
Steve Scruggs, InTouch Ministries Atlanta’s Intouch Ministries’ chose two products; Huper Optik© Select window film for heat and fade control and Insolroll “Silver Screen” automated sun screen to control glare.

These breath-taking windows invite beautiful natural light in and provide a view of the outside world. Unfortunately they also let in heat, together with glare and damaging ultra violet light. Atlanta’s InTouch Ministries, working with CoolScreens specified and installed Huper Optik’s© Select window film to solve their bright, natural light dilemma.

Huperk Optik’s© Solution:
•   Blocks UV rays by 99%
•   Saves on energy costs
•   Reduces glare
•   Helps to reduce fading of fabric, furniture,
    flooring and artwork
•   Protects building occupants from the
    sun’s harmful Infra-Red radiation— 96%
•   100% dye-free and metal-free;
    no discoloration & de-metallization

Skin Cancer FoundationSafeguard Property & Install Window Security Film
3M Scotchshield Safety and Security Window Film® hold your glass in place during hurricanes, tornadoes, severe winds, earthquakes, and even bomb blasts. It helps maintain the integrity of your windows eliminating wind, rain and flying glass from damaging the inside of your home. Scotchshield Safety and Security Window Film® also slows down burglars by eliminating their biggest advantage—time. Burglars rely on quick and easy access for a surprise break-in. A door or window that slows them down might make them go away. As an added benefit, all of 3M’s clear or tinted window films block 99% of the sun’s UV rays.
“Our receptionist doesn’t have to squint anymore... the sunlight coming in was causing severe tension headaches to our support staff.”
Steve Scruggs, InTouch Ministries

Huper Optik

Energy Star Logo“Hüper Optik® films provide anti-shattering properties but they are different from other films purely made for safety purposes. In the event of glass being shattered or broken, especially during bad weather or upon sudden impact, our window films hold the glass pieces together until the affected panes can be replaced. This minimizes the chances of occupants getting hurt by broken glass pieces.

Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are environmentally friendly; 100% metal-free and 100% dye-free. Hüper Optik®’s Ceramic nano-ceramic films are made from durable quality material that is not susceptible to de-metallization, fading, and environmental effects. They come with a 10 year warranty for all commercial applications and lifetime for residential applications.

Ceramic is known to be the among most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments.

Huper Optik® Window Films are environmentally friendly— 100% metal free and 100% dye free

Professional Installation Lifetime Warranty

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