Alpharetta Patio Enclosures by Cool Screens GA

Alpharetta Patio Enclosures by Cool Screens GA

There is nothing better than the time-honored American tradition of pouring a cold glass of sweet tea and kicking up your feet as you sit back in a rocking chair and listen to the symphony of nature outside your home on your porch. Being able to enjoy those quiet early morning hours with only the occasional jogger passing by or waving to friends and neighbors as they go for an evening stroll while you flip through an engaging book.

The only thing to interrupt these beautiful scenes of relaxation is the unfortunate mosquitoes and bugs that come out to ruin your even meal outside or having a friend over to share some juicy gossip. For those times, you need the benefits of Alpharetta patio enclosures designed by Cool Screens.

Year-Round Access to Your Porch


CoolScreens brings its decades of experience operating in the gorgeous state of Georgia to your home, apartment, business, or organization. We have simple porch enclosures to keep the bugs at bay, as well as more sophisticated systems that allow you to enjoy the perfectly designed sitting area of your porch, whether it is cold out or even pollen season.

We are professional experts who understand the value of enjoying your porch. We want to craft a solution that not only meets your unique demands but also fulfills their high standards for quality. We even offer retractable awnings for those BBQs that sometimes turn into rainouts from an afternoon shower.

Their year-round patio enclosures are made with clear vinyl panels that stop the rain, wind, and pollen. You can get them custom built with sliding panels that allow for plenty of sweet ventilation or remove them on hotter days when you are happy to get any kind of breeze to stay cool.

Get the Patio Enclosure Solution for Your Home


The real benefit to working with an experienced company like CoolScreens and their Alpharetta patio enclosures is that we’ve seen it all before. Our experts know how to work with custom-sized porches your Grandfather put up on a new property, those small porches from apartment complexes, and even your river cabin that needs strong material to keep back the elephant-sized mosquitoes from being so close to the water.

You can work with outdoor curtains and drapes to make your space more accessible and attractive, but don’t leave out the practical solution of a full patio enclosure. Cool Screens can custom fit your existing windows and doors with excellent screen solutions, or use prefabricated window wall systems from their Eze Breeze porch system. Whatever your need, Cool Screens has a solution.

Where to Get Started


Check out our website to learn about the professional process. We’ll send a team of experts out to measure your space, suggest solutions, and then create a unique porch enclosure that will have you off your feet and relax in no time. So, stop dealing with unwanted mosquitoes and pollen-crusted porch furniture and give the experts at Cool Screens GA a call today!

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