Ideas to Cool Your Porch Enclosure this Summer

Ideas to Cool Your Porch Enclosure this Summer

As the winter season slowly thaws out and we begin to bring out our grills flip-flops, thoughts of staying cool inside our porches start to creep in. Everyone loves those early Spring to Summer months when the afternoons are just hot enough to kick off our shoes and relax with a glass of fresh iced tea, but when the scorching heat of mid-Summer hits, staying comfortable is essential.


That is why we at Cool Screens of Georgia have put together this quick list of tips and tricks to keeping your porch enclosures and outdoor screen rooms a bit more welcoming during even the hottest summer days.


1. Using Foliage Cover

Every home can benefit from a bit more natural coverage. Not only does it shade your porches and patios, but it also increases the curb appeal and value of your home. Planting large bushes and trees aligned with the local environment is a great natural way to cut down on the temperatures while sitting on your porch. Just be sure to select a breed that does not increase your insect problems and is easy to maintain in any HOAs.


2. Installing Fans & Swamp Coolers

Fans and swamp coolers introduce a cool breeze into your sitting area and can often be used as decorative touches to your overall style or home theme. We have seen many homes with excellent fan systems, but we want to caution our clients to always read the details on the products they pick due to rising electrical costs. We also prefer longer-bladed fans that do not have the noise pollution of industrial coolers, so the atmosphere of your home stays relaxed.


3. Shades/Screens

This is one of the best solutions for keeping your porch or outdoor space nice and cool. A screen room cuts way down on insects or dust getting into the areas you frequent the most. When you combine that with shades, you effectively decrease the temperature of your space and get a little added privacy from people passing by your home. This way, you can enjoy your porch all day long without having to worry about the sun being right in your eyes or frequent mosquitoes seeking an evening snack.


4. Porch Enclosures

This is our favorite option. Enclosing your entire porch keeps your outdoor space free from harsh sunlight, frustrating bugs, and most weather situations that could ruin furniture. This is why we at Cool Screens offer a simple process to install exceptionally high-quality enclosures to your home or outbuilding.


Our easy-to-use porch enclosures allow you to stay cool and comfortable during the hot Georgian summers. You get a safe space to reach a book, enjoy conversation with friends, or have a family meal in the fresh air without the worry of endless bug bites.


To get started with our professional team of installers, give us a call today at (770) 667-8200 or browse our screen room and porch enclosures services on our site. Why waste another summer stuck indoors? Get the personalized porch enclosure you want from a leading team of expert installers and reach out to Cool Screens today!

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